The Site

The purpose of this site is to provide reviews of biographies of the men and women who have ruled Britain over the centuries. This I plan to do chronologically by starting with the biographies of the earliest kings of England and progressing right down to the present day. Where relevant, I plan on concluding my coverage by reading any play Shakespeare wrote about the respective king, as it often serves as the most influential interpretation of the monarch.

While providing a little background about the author, the main focus of my reviews will be on the merits of the books themselves, judging how well they convey a sense of their subject and the era in which they lived and ruled. The books themselves will be assessed on a 5-star scale (with occasional resort to half-stars when necessary):

  • 5 stars: Great book, highly recommended for anyone interested in the subject.
  • 4 stars: Good book, one well worth reading.
  • 3 stars: An okay read, but not without its problems.
  • 2 stars: A flawed book that is only worth reading if nothing better on the subject is available.
  • 1 star: Don’t waste your time.